Meet Victory...

Orion Hop Devil BCAT DS DDB  *AKC Major pointed

DOB: 4-21-19
20" 35 lbs
BAER Normal
CEA Carrier BCG Carrier EOAD Carrier
Black and White, carries dilute and red


Victory is our pick from the Vanquish/Hops litter.  Hoping for a boy from this breeding,  we were lucky that he was the only one :)  Victory is a happy, sweet boy.  He is training in agility, disc, and flyball.. and has great enthusiasm for everything!  He also loves swimming, and his introduction to the dock was great!  Victory has also been on sheep, and will have more training this spring.  We are so excited for his future!

Victory finished his first dock season with a PB of 19’9!  Can’t wait for next season!


Victory is continuing to grow and expand his abilities for many sports!   He has started his agility journey with his first qualifying run in UKI speedstakes.  He also is pursuing more herding training, he has one leg toward his PT title.  In disc he has really come into his own earning his DDB in just a few competitions.  Dock diving is where he is shining!  His first event of the season he won a Qualifying sport for 2021 NAAD Regionals!  And a new PB of 20’11”!  Not even competing yet a full year!  Super excited and proud of how much he is accomplishing this year.