Meet Speed....

Sagehill Orion Never Enuf Time NA NAJ AAD MJ AS AG ONYX
5-17-05 —  5-8-19
20" 40 lbs
AKC and ABCA Registered
Black Tri Carries Red and Dilute

Speed is my little baby :)  He is a momma's boy for sure!  Speed's  mother "Never" is a very well known agility dog.  She was the youngest dog to achive the MACH title.
Speed has great talent for herding.  He is a very natural working dog, with nice square flanks.  He is helping more with farm chores as he gets older.  I would love send him to a trainer to gain those finer points for trialing, but i just don't think i can bear to be without him!  He also LOVES flyball!  His game of choice for sure.  He has put in times of 3.8..and pretty much runs 3.9's.  On the agility took a while for him to enjoy it.  Now he is cruising along and getting faster everyday!   

retired from breeding


Sagehill Orion Never Enuf Time

Quicksilver Record Time OA AXJ FMCH

OFA Excellent,CEA Normal,CERF Clear

Roy (Chuck)

OFA Excellent, CERF Clear


O'Brae's Pen

Winjammers Sprint

OFA Good, CERF Clear,BAER Normal

Hampton Hog


MACH2 Silversage's Ever So Clever

OFA Good, CEA Normal, BAER Normal

CH OTCH Clayburn Stripper Upper UDex

CH Silvertip Mountain Rose HTADI HRDI

Red&White OFA Excellent

Sagebrush Wally

O:Mert and Sue Clarkson

IMP Moel Lynda

O: Tracy Brown