Orion Blazzin Fire
8-2-03 to 2-22-05

Fire was a very sweet, quiet little girl.  We took her from a place that was pretty rough.  A soon as a laid eyes on her, i knew she wanted to be rescued!  She was a small girl, with more heart than she was able to share. 
On February 21, 2005 she started to act strange.  With her due date coming up quick, i thought maybe she was getting ready.  As the night went on i knew something was wrong.  She was rushed to the Emergency clinic, where we discovered that she had a diaphramatic hernia.  Thoughts were she was born with it and with all the pressure from puppies, it only got worse.  As she was on the operating table..trying to fix the tear, and deliver the puppies her heart just couldn't recover.  She left us with too much life to live, but she also left us with wonderful babies.  We are lucky to have so many of them close to home.