Quicksilver Record Time OA AXJ AAD EAC EGC OJC FMCH
3-12-97 to 4-9-09
OFA Excellent, CERF Clear, CEA DNA Normal

Race was a once in a lifetime dog, my soul mate.  He was my constant companion, my best friend, my protector.  He had a way of warming everyone's heart and winning them over with his soulful eyes and happy grin.  You always knew when he was around he wasn't a quiet dog by any means :)  He would have to say hello to everyone he saw!  No one could come in unnoticed.  He was born truly gifted, and excelled in everything that he did.  He was a very mature puppy, very serious about his work. .but could always make you laugh with some silly antics.  His temperament could be topped by very few.  He was always unflappable and took control where ever he was, he was the man in charge.  He inherited a unique gift from his mom. .a strange obsession for picking up small objects :)  From dimes and paper clips to newspapers and the TV remote!  Any thing you dropped, he would be right there to pick it up for you.  He was very athletic and one of the fastest dogs of his time in agility and flyball.  He was also a working farm dog.  He was very responsive, had nice clean flanks.. although we could never come to an agreement on the LIE DOWN thing :)  He never did get to trial, that was all my fault.  I was a chicken!  He would have been fabulous.  I did run him in one non-compete run when he was 9, after not working sheep for a few years he wasn't half bad!  He did...at the age of 10, get to help exhaust at a local trial, he was very pleased with himself.
Race has produce many offspring who have followed in his footsteps.  They excel in all activities from agility and flyball, to herding and family companions.  Everyone that has a Race kid says they are like no other!  We are very proud to have his kids, and grandkids keeping his name alive.  Out of all his litters he did produce 1 known pup with hip dysplasia out of Tammy.  Several unilaterally deaf pups, and one diagnosed with Epilepsy out of Never.  He also has 1 pup diagnosed with Malignant Hyperthermia out of Bailey. 

Everyday i thank my good friend Julie not only for breeding an outstanding litter, but for giving me my buddy, my rutabega, my Golden Child.

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Quicksilver Record Time OA AXJ FMCH

OFA Excellent,CEA Normal,CERF Clear

Roy (Chuck)

OFA Excellent, CERF Clear


O'Brae's Pen

Winjammers Sprint

OFA Good, CERF Clear,BAER Normal

Hampton Hog