We don't breed very often, and only try to breed when we are looking to add a new pup to the family.  We try to schedule around our various activities so that all the dogs get to do as much as possible! 

At this time, we do not have any plans for 2018
Pending health testing, Vanquish will be bred to  CH Wescot Windjammer "Ketch" Spring of 2019.  We have known Ketch since he was a baby and have watched him grow up over the years.  He competes mostly in Flyball, has some training in agility and enjoys other sports as well (rally, barn hunt)  Ketch has a phenomenal temperament, he is driven when needed and super sweet and friendly.  Vanquish's dad was bred to Ketch's half sister and the puppies are competing in multiple sports.  We are hoping to produce similar puppies with this cross. 
Ketch is OFA Good, Elbows Normal.  Baer Normal, Cerf Normal. DNA normal for CEA, CL, TNS 
At this time we have started a list, and there may be space available.
Please Contact Us here to start the process of getting to know you!
       We will be repeating the Myth/Player breeding in Spring 2019.  Puppies from the first litter have turned out exactly as we had hoped for!  They are outgoing, athletic, and have started showing great promise in agility, disc, dock diving and herding.  To see the first litter growing up, and more info about the breeding Myth x Player 2017
At this time the list for this litter is FULL.  We will be starting a wait list for WORKING OR PERFORMANCE homes only.  

Our puppies are raised in our house with constant attention.  In the warmer weather they do get to spend time outside exploring the yard.  We try to take them  for short trips so they get used to riding in the car.  Puppies come with a health exam by our vet, and are dewormed on a regular schedule.  We do not believe in over vaccination, and recommend to new owners they should wait until at least 9 weeks before vaccinating if they chose.
 They are guaranteed to be healthy when they go to their new homes.
Puppies are registered with either ABCA, AKC or both.  ALL of our puppies are sold on Limited Registration.  We do prefer to sell on Non-Breeding Contracts.  But will take into consideration lifting the Limited status ONLY after ALL health exams are done- CERF, CEA DNA(if not clear by parents),OFA or PennHip.  And the dog meets our standard for breeding. The dog is required  to complete  the CGC or TDI program.  To be considered for breeding they must also exhibit herding instinct, or title in any herding event.  They must also obtain titles in Flyball or Agility.  We have the final say to whether a dog is of breeding quality.

DEPOSITS:  We do not take deposits on puppies, until they are born and we know that a puppy will be placed with a buyer.   We take great care in placing our puppies in the best home possible.  We ultimately have the final say in which puppy will suit your home the best.  We do not have a first come first serve policy.  We make initial evaluations at 4 weeks old but do not start matching puppies to homes until 6-7 weeks old.

GUARANTEE:  We do our best to ensure all of our puppies have no health problems.  If it is determined by a veterinarian that your puppy has a hereditary disorder, we will offer a replacement puppy.