Meet Sweep...

Orion For The Win "Sweep"

DOB: 3/24/2022

Clear for all testing through OS


Blue Merle Tri.  Carries red and ee(gold)


Sweep is our keeper puppy from the Vanquish/Grit litter.  She was affectionately known as the Cheetah puppy when she was young(because of her spots!)   It was a hard decision deciding who to keep, they whole litter was just amazing!  Sweep won us over!  She is an outgoing and fun puppy.  Sweep is a nice combination of both her parents.  She has started some basic foundations for Dock Diving, Disc and Flyball... She will start some agility foundations soon also.  We are hoping to get her on sheep soon as well!  I am looking forward to all the things we will do together!

2023-  Sweep has started her dock diving foundations and she LOVES it!  She is learning  some herding foundation as well.  She is a bit of a party girl, with a little more maturity we can't wait to do some more serious training.