Meet Drive...

Ignited Orion Fast and Furious FMX TN-N
3-30-07– 1/31/17
20.75" 43lbs
OFA  GOOD, CERF Clear, BAER Normal, CEA DNA Normal
ABCA and AKC Registered
Red possibly carries Tri

We suddenly lost Drive on Jan 31, 2017.   He left a huge hole in our lives, and will be missed by everyone that knew him

Drive is otherwise known as Rubber Band Man!!!  He can bend his body in ways that are not meant to be!  He is a very happy, silly, sweet boy.  He is very much like his daddy, and he just makes me smile!  He has started competing in flyball and was great!  We are still working on things, but he was putting in times of 4.1.
Drive's agility training is coming along nicely, and he will start to compete this spring!   He is a very natural jumping dog and has great style.  I am looking forward to running him!  He did get to see the sheep when he was a baby, and went right to work!
Retired from Breeding


Ignited Orion Fast and Furious

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