Meet Heat...


Heat de LaForge DMA BCAT

DOB: 5-17-2014/ 2-18-2024

24" 60 lbs


Heat is our first, but not last ;), Belgian Malinois.  After years of research, and finding an incredible breeder, we brought Heat home at 9 mos old.  Heat was a singleton puppy, and had a great foundation with his breeder.  in typical Malinois fashion, he does everything at 500% and full speed!!!  He is also very a violent kind of way LOL!!   Heat has started flyball training, and is showing some real progress.  Because of his size and his gung ho approach to doing things, we have taken things on the slow side.  Heat also competes in Disc and Dock Diving.  His PB in dock is 23'9".

2022 Update:  Heat won an invite to NADD regionals, his first year competing as a Veteran!  He also finished his BCAT title with a 27 mph run, in the pouring rain lol

Heat is neutered