Meet Sprint...

Ignited Orion Racing Through Time SS FM CGC
6-22-08 / 7-6-23  
19" 32lbs
CERF Clear, BAER Normal, CEA DNA Normal, OFA Excellent
ABCA and AKC Registered
Red Merle Tri

Here is little Sprinty!  She is our last Race baby.  She is also named after her Grandma Sprint, who was very special to me.  She is turing out to be SOO much like Grandma.. and daddy.  Sprint is Drive's full sister..just a year later.  They are very similar not only in looks, but personality also.  She is training right now for Flyball and Agility.  Sprint is known as the Princess puppy, and she is very much a princess!   Her first exposure to sheep was funny.. she thought they were gross!  Princesses did not like being at the farm!!  The sheep thought she was quite scary!  She recently had the chance to works goats and after some help from our friend Faith, she turned on and woulnd't turn off!  There is a herding future for her afterall!  Sprint is very mature for a young dog, and LOVES to learn new things!  She is so smart that i inatvertently teach her all sorts of strange behaviors.  As she has more exposure too sheep, she has jumped forward with leaps and bounds!  I see more serious training in her future.

Spayed/retired from breeding

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Ignited Orion Racing Through Time

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