Welcome to our Home!

You could say, I was a little obsessed with the breed growing up :) I went to many herding trials, and dog shows years before owning my first dog! I have been involved with Border Collies since 1994, when I got my first dog- Nada. Little did I know how this one dog would open up a whole new world! I was first involved in competitive obedience while living in Hawaii. When I moved back home to Pa, I was lucky to find a great dog training group where i got involved in multiple sports - including agility and flyball.  And also to add my second Border Collie- Race - who would start my serious involvement in sports and herding.  

At Orion Border Collies you will find a small family breeder, focusing on health and temperament of all our dogs and puppies.  We do everything possible to produce sound puppies.  We don't breed very often, and most times its when we are ready for a puppy to add to the family.
We are located in a suburb of Philadelphia.  Our puppies are raised in our house with constant attention from people, other dogs and also cats.  We strive to produce the kind of dog we like for ourselves.  Easy to live with, and ready to work when asked!

We work to maintain the working ability for what the Border Collie is known for.  While not all of our dogs become herding trial dogs, they are all evaluated and get regular training and exposure to sheep.  And at the same time they make great companions, and sport competitors. 

Kelli Herbst