Welcome to our Home!

At Orion Border Collies you will find a small family breeder, focusing on health and temperament of all our dogs and puppies.  We do everything possible to produce sound puppies.  We don't breed very often, and most times its when we are ready for a puppy to add to the family.
We are located in a rural suburb of Philadelphia.  Our puppies are raised in our house NOT in kennels or outside.  Puppies have constant attention from people, other dogs and also cats.  We strive to produce the kind of dog we like for ourselves.  Easy to live with, and ready to work when asked!

We work to maintain the working ability for what the Border Collie is known for.  While not all of our dogs become herding trial dogs, they are all evaluted and get regular training and exposure to sheep.  And at the same time they make great companions, and sport competitors. 

Our dogs and puppies are raised the most natural way possible.. by limiting use of chemical products, not over vaccinating, and either feeding a RAW diet or a natural grain free RAW based kibble food.

All of our breeding dogs have had hip certifications by either OFA or PennHip.  They are also all DNA tested for Collie Eye Anomally,  and have CERF opthomologic testing.

We are always available to talk about our dogs and puppies, or Border Collies in general.  The best way to contact us is by email:

Kelli Herbst