Orion Brighter At Night "Nyx"  x  Quicksilver Wild Water "Rip"

Breeding planned for winter 2017
This litter will be raised in Massachusetts

**There is a waitlist for this litter**

We are SUPER excited to announce this breeding!   And are thrilled to have the chance to breed Nyx to Rip!   This breeding is a combination of some of the top performance lines in border collies around!
Nyx is from our Sprint x Bryte litter  and Rip is from the Quicksilver litter of Shiner x Motion. This is a loose linebreeding on Winjammer's Sprint.  

Rip is a big powerful ahtlete, putting in times of 3.6 in flyball.  And a calm, thinking working dog on sheep.  His littermates are all competing and excelling in multiple sports.  He is a happy guy with a super stellar temperament.  Rip has one litter to date, that are competing in flyball and agility.  And also enjoying other sports for fun.
Rip is OFA Excellent, CEA carrier CERF normal

Nyx is a special girl, being a singleton.  She is a sweet girl often found reading books and training with her Kids.  She runs 3.8-3.9 in flyball.  Nyx has half siblings competing in flyball, agility, disc and dock diving. 
Nyx OFA Excellent, Normal for CEA,CL,TNS,IGS,DM,MDR1  BAER Normal