MACH2 Silversage's Ever So Clever "Never"

Altho Never was not my dog, i loved her like she was.  she was a very special dog to many people.  She was owned by one of my oldest and best friends, Paulena Hope. 

I knew Never from the time she was 6 mos old and came to live with Paulena.  Even tho she was a naughty puppy :)  I loved her then!  I knew i wanted a puppy of hers...and it may have taken a few years but i finally convinced Paulena to breed her to Race :)  And we got three litters of the most amazing puppies!

Never was very demanding, and she told you what to do!  Everyone that knew her knows of her strange obsession and mastery of "touching" things.  Not only that she would do it, but that she KNEW what you wanted her to touch when you asked!  She would even find colored tunnels!! 

She was a star agility dog when she was young, and still is the youngest dog to ever get a MACH!  She even came to stay with me to learn flyball.  Appearently she was just to smart for us... get the ball or turn on the box, make a decision and get back to me, you people have no idea what you are doing :)  She did have a great time learning, and i'm sure she would have run.   The thing she enjoyed most...being a momma.  To her own, and to others.  She was the best puppy raiser around!

She was a brilliant dog, smarter than most people i would say :)  And loved to work, any time, any place, anybody!!  One of her favorite things to do when she was here was playing with my daughter..they would stand at the back door and she would tell Never - GO WEAVE!  Off she would go!  about 70 feet to the back of the yard and do her weaves!  It was always fun to have her here.

Never has left behind a huge legacy.  Everyone that has one of her kids feels blessed to have a piece of her.
I have her sons Speed and Vapor, who remind me of her in many ways. 

I will mis you, Neverdog