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Player is one of those dogs we have loved for years.  He has a stellar temperament, great personality and is a top notch athlete.  Player competes in agility, disc and dock diving.  He also has some training on sheep and is a nice thoughtful worker. When not working or playing he is just as happy to hang out watching TV on the couch.   He has puppies that are competing in multiple venues as well.  Player is also dad to our Vanquish- and I just LOVE her!

We are expecting puppies that can do anything!  


Here are just a few of Player's accomplishments:


*2013 Skyhoundz World Finalist, 5th place XTreme Classic*
*2014 Skyhoundz World Finalist, 8th place XTreme Unlimited*
*2014 Skyhoundz "High Score" for Spot Landing (53 points)*
*2014 USDDN World Finalist*
*2014 Qualified for the AKC Agility National Championship (NAC)*
*2015 Skyhoundz World Record for D/A (28.5 points)*
*2015 UAD Spring Splash Regional Winner, 25'8" jump*
*2015 Ultimate Air Dogs World Finalist*
*2015 Skyhoundz World Finalist in Discdogathon, XTreme, and Classic*
*2015 PPPIDC Eastern Regional Invitee (dock diving)*
*2016 Skyhoundz World Finalist in Discdogathon, Xtreme, and Classic *
*Master Agility Champion, April 2016*
*2016 Qualified for the AKC Agility National Championship (NAC)*
* 2016 Skyhoundz World Champion -- Time Trial, September 2016*
*2016 Skyhoundz Runner Up -- Spot Landing, September 2016*
*2016 NADD Championship Finals, 4th place in competitive Master Air Retrieve (21') December 2016*
*2017 AKC NAC placed 10th cumulatively after 3 rounds, earning a spot in the Finals finishing in top 20*

*2017 Qualified for NADD Championship Finals in Air Retrieve, to be held in December*

*2017 Qualified for Skyhoundz Classic and DDAT, to be held in September*

orion stranger things


Creature is a sweet, happy and super bouncy girl!  She is just starting out her disc career and is showing some incredible talent!  She is also beginning some agility and taking after her daddy, with great distance and finding lines on course not wasting anytime! See more about Creature on her page

Orion werewolf in london


London is an amazing athlete, up for anythingyou throw at him!  Hehas big hops for disc, is jumping 24+ feet with minimal dock training.  He is running 3.7 in flyball and has just recently taken the agility world by storm!  See more about London on his page

Orion celtic mystery


LilBit lives on a sheep farm, where she is learning to be a sheepdog.  She also has some foundation agility training, and hopefully will be trying some dock diving this year!  See more about LilBit on her page

Orion chica


Chica lives with her half brother Jax and the Moog family, where she is a wonderful companion.  She enjoys plahing fetch and going fo hikes   

Orion full throttle


Torque lives with our longtime friend Shari, and he competes in multiple sports.  His recent addition has been dock diving, where he has taken after his parents with big air jumps!